Hey Gang, this page is a page  dedicated to the folks who enjoyed my show.. It's a show and travel journal of how thing are going.. I would love to be able to add some of your pics from the show. So please contact me on the contact page and send me your pics and thoughts.. thanks so much visiting the site.. 

March 1st, 2018...

It's my mom's 79th birthday today... I sent her a few pics to her digital picture frame and sent her a postcard from The Falkland Islands yesterday.. She is a wonderful woman, raised 5 kids, and we had an incredible childhood.. No money, but great time... I wouldn't change a thing from the way I grew up and it is all because of that wonderful woman..

I only have one more day on the boat.. We are heading towards Monte Video, Uruguay right now.. It's been a great cruise.. I got a chance to work with new acts I hadn't met before.. Greg Scott (Violinist) Fantastic Patrick (juggler) Tony Daro (comedian) David Brooks (piano Player) Daniel Bouche (international vocalist) and a dear old friend, Mario, D'Andrea (guitarist/singer) It's been fun hanging, but I miss my girls terribly.. I FaceTime every day and she is growing up right before our eyes.. it's so cool, but I want to snuggle with my little one.. She's just the best.. 

I did a split bill matinee with David Brooks.. I closed the show and was SO appreciative of the standing ovation I received for my set.. Great crowds out here.. very appreciative and enthusiastic.. That's all you ask for for a crowd... go along with you, and have fun... and they did.. Good times.. Thanks Celebrity for letting me do what I love to do on your beautiful ships.. next time.... (actually in 5 days.. I'll be back on the Infinity) 

February 24, 2018 Celebrity Infinty, South America/Antarctica Cruise.

Fun shows last night. You always go into a South American Cruise knowing that there may be a language barrier, but last night, everyone had a great time.. I met some folks from Indiana, Penn State, a couple from Omaha and a Nebraska Alum that I got a chance to talk about Husker football with.. always fun. We are at sea for the next few days, as we well be heading down to Antarctica.. In all my travels, I have never been, so excited to check it off the travel list. There are several guest entertainers on board that I have never worked with, so it's always nice meeting them and seeing their shows.. A dear old friend and a legend out here on the high seas, Mario D'Andea is out here.. I haven't seen him in 11 years.. so it's great to see his show and catch up on life.. Great dude.. He and I will be splitting a matinee in a few days.. His show is tonight.. Looking forward to it.. Abby and Reece are doing good.. Reece had a little bit of a runny nose when I left, but it didn't last long. She is healthy and happy and starting to stand on her own and on the way to taking steps pretty soon.. I miss those two terribly, but it's comforting knowing that my mohter-n-law is up there with them, helping with day care and stuff.. We FaceTime/video chat a lot.. Thank god for the internet... for that purpose.. Life s good.